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Endodontics in Fredericton

Root canal treatment is how we save a tooth from becoming infected and possibly being lost. Learn more about this misunderstood but necessary procedure.

X-ray of mouth

How does root canal treatment work?

When the enamel of a tooth is damaged, bacteria can get into the inner part of the tooth, called the pulp. The pulp is full of nerves and blood vessels, and it’s vulnerable to infection. To stop the infection and save the tooth, we use a root canal. The treatment is simple. We drill a tiny hole in the tooth, remove the pulp and clean the tooth to remove any bacteria, then seal the tooth and put a crown over it. After the root canal treatment the tooth will be safe from infection.

Aren’t root canals painful?

Although they have a reputation of being painful, modern anesthetic and treatments have made root canal treatment no more painful than getting a tooth filled. Some patients find that the tooth and surrounding area is sensitive for a few days after treatment, but this soon passes.

Call our office to book an examination if you’ve damaged a tooth or if you have a severe toothache.