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Sports Guards and Night (bite) Appliances in Fredericton

Your teeth are vulnerable to certain types of injury, especially injuries resulting from impacts or grinding. Custom guards and bite appliances are designed to prevent damage to your teeth, and they provide a higher level of protection than over-the-counter models.

Mouth Guards

Bite Appliances

Bruxism, or nighttime grinding, can put enormous pressure on your teeth and jaws. The grinding force can wear down your enamel or slowly push your teeth out of position. Bite appliances are designed to stop grinding by preventing your jaws from moving while you’re asleep.

Sports Guards

Getting hit in the face by a frozen puck or a baseball is never a pleasant experience, but it can be much worse if you lose or break a tooth. Sports guards absorb and redirect the force of the impact away from your teeth, keeping them safe. Our custom guards fit over your teeth and are strong enough to keep them safe.

Protect your mouth from injury. Contact us today to talk about our guards and appliances.